Building New Jersey’s Energy Industry

Governor Chris Christie has outlined an energy policy for the state of New Jersey that emphasizes in-state production of renewable and traditional energy sources to create a stronger economy and jobs by making energy more affordable, more reliable, and more often produced by New Jersey workers.

Making Renewable Energy A Key To New Jersey's Economic Growth:

  • Reducing The Cost Of Energy For Families And Businesses: To reduce the cost of energy, we have to reduce the consumption of energy. Focusing on increased efficiencies will lead to increased energy savings. This is as simple as energy-efficient light bulbs, windows, insulation, and appliances. The cheapest power is the power we don't have to generate, distribute and deliver.

  • Applying "Made In NJ" To Our Energy Needs: Currently, NJ only produces just over 50% of the energy that we use. Home grown sources must include wind and solar, particularly off-shore wind. The NJ coastline is optimal for installation of off-shore wind farms and we need to take steps to promote that industry, but as we do so it has to be with the understanding that production of renewable energy is presently very expensive. To reduce those costs, to homes and businesses, we need to promote research into storage of the energy produced by solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Marketing New Jersey For Renewable Energy Production: Using the New Jersey Partnership for Action, the state will actively reach out to the renewable energy companies that are seeking to manufacture parts and make our state a home for growth. Choose New Jersey will promote New Jersey's skilled workforce, technology base, manufacturing base and port facilities.

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