Fighting to Change Trenton’s Broken Political System

“This is undeniably a matter of important public policy. This reform package strengthens New Jersey’s existing laws to protect the integrity of our electoral process in a way that preserves the public’s confidence in the system. Special interests should not be in a position of deciding elections by flooding the political process with money.”

– Governor Christie, 9/8/2010

Governor Christie has put forward a series of rigorous ethics reform measures that are in step with his commitment to change the culture of government in New Jersey and demand accountability to better serve the people.

His Ethics Reform plan will increase transparency in government, accountability to the public from elected officials and strengthen New Jersey's existing laws to ensure that the electoral process is conducted with integrity – a critical step in gaining and keeping the public's trust in their government.

  • A New, Detailed Annual Financial Disclosure Statement From Both The Executive And Legislative Branches
  • A Full Ban On Dual Office Holding That Ends Grandfathering
  • A Ban On Dual Employment For All State, County And Local Officials And Employees
  • An Effective Conflict Of Interest Standard For Legislators
  • Real Penalties For Those Who Violate The Public’s Trust
  • Comprehensive Legislation To Fix Pay-To-Play, Effectively Restrict “Wheeling” And Close Loopholes In Restrictions On The Awarding Of Government Contracts

For too long, the unelected, political appointees of these patronage mills have run roughshod over the taxpayers, ratepayers and tollpayers of New Jersey with little or no accountability for their actions, or oversight of their operations that collectively amount to billions of dollars of public funds. Governor Christie has exercised veto authority in an aggressive and unprecedented manner to rein in the waste, mismanagement and abuse taking place at these so-called “independent” state boards, commissions, and authorities.

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