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New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners
Public Disciplinary Notice
July 2003

The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners (the "Board") has taken the following actions in July 2003. This information is a summary prepared by the Board Administrative Office staff. Requests for certified, true copies should be made in writing directed to William V. Roeder, Executive Director, P.O. Box 183, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.

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727 Wellington Road
Ridgeway, New Jersey 07450-1234
Guadalajara Medical College, Mexico, 1979
FLEX Endorsement

CONSENT ORDER filed May 22, 2003. The purpose of this Consent Order dated May 22, 2003 was to revise the amount of the penalty and costs imposed in the Final Order of July 8, 2002. This matter was originally opened to the Board on the Attorney General's filing of an Administrative Complaint on April 17, 2000 (amended by letter on October 30, 2000) alleging six counts of a pattern of acts or omissions occurring over a span of may years alleging gross malpractice, gross negligence, gross incompetence as well as the use or employment of dishonesty, deception, misrepresentation, false pretense, and/or disregard for the patient, which constitutes professional misconduct. For the most part, Dr. Grasso in his Answer denied the allegations and the matter was transferred to the Office of Administrative Law for determination as a contested case. The Administrative Law Judge presided over the hearing which began on October 16, 2001 and continued for eight days. The Initial Decision was issued April 18, 2002, which was reviewed by the Board at its June 12, 2002 meeting. Based on the Initial Decision, the Board ordered (effective July 12, 2002) that Dr. Grasso's license be suspended for three years, the first year active, with the remaining two years to be stayed and served as a period of probation. Additionally, the Board ordered that prior to resuming practice, Dr. Grasso must successfully complete an ethics course and appear before a Committee of the Board to demonstrate his fitness to practice. He was assessed costs in the amount of $20,779.11 and a penalty of $65,000. After the July 2002 Order was issued, Dr. Grasso perfected an appeal before the Appellate Division, Superior Court of New Jersey. The Board reconsidered the costs and penalty assessed and amended its July Order. This Consent Order imposed a penalty in the amount of $9,375.00 and costs in the amount of $20,779.00. All other provisions of the Final Order of the Board entered in July 2002 remain in place. EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 22, 2003.

GROSSMAN, Michael, D.O.
Unlicensed in New Jersey
137 H. Street
South Boston, MA 02127
Univ. of NE Sch. of Osteo. Med., 1990

CONSENT ORDER OF WITHDRAWAL OF LICENSURE APPLICATION, WITH PREJUDICE filed January 13, 2003. This matter came to the attention of the Board by way of Michael Grossman's June 2, 1998 submission of an application for a plenary license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey. During the application review process, an issue arose concerning the authenticity of documentation submitted to the Board. That particular issue was not resolved. Prior to a final decision on the application, Dr. Grossman submitted a request to have the Board discontinue the licensure process. The Board considered his request, and without making any determination as to findings of fact or conclusions of law, permitted this applicant to withdraw his application with prejudice to reapplication in New Jersey at any time in the future. Dr. Grossman did not make any admissions as to culpability and consented to the entry of this public order. EFFECTIVE DATE: JANUARY 13, 2003.

JOSEPH, Albert M. Duverglas, M.D. License MA049616
P.O. Box 643
Union, NJ 07083-7601

CONSENT ORDER filed October 25, 2002. Matter opened to Board upon receipt of information from the Division of Consumer Affairs, Enforcement Bureau that Dr. Joseph issued disability certifications to 11 patients between the dates of January 1996 and June 1996. Nine of these eleven patients were given disability certifications which indicated weekly visits to Dr. Joseph; however, the patient records showed no such weekly visits. Another patient out of the 11 was given a disability certification showing the last date of treatment as February 17, 1996 when her medical chart showed no treatment on that date and in fact showed the last treatment date as being a year earlier on February 11, 1995. The Board found Dr. Joseph engaged in acts violative of N.J.S.A. 45:1-21(b) evidenced by the completion of disability certifications which inaccurately reflected the information set forth in the patient records and documented treatment which did not actually occur. Dr. Joseph being desirous of resolving the within matter without formal proceedings and the Board finding the within disposition to be adequately protective of the public health, safety and welfare, ordered the license issued to Dr. Joseph is hereby suspended for a period of two years which suspension shall be stayed in its entirety and served as a period of probation. Dr. Joseph shall enroll in and successfully complete an ethics course approved by the Board within one year of the date of filing of this Order. Shall pay costs of the investigation in the amount of $2,186.50 and pay a penalty of $2,500.00. Upon completion of the period of stayed suspension imposed, Dr. Joseph shall appear before the Board, or a Committee thereof, to discuss his professional activities during the period of probation, his compliance with the terms of the within Order and his plans for future practice. EFFECTIVE DATE: October 25, 2002.

LAFON, Michael C., M.D. License MA045359
127 Hopkins Road
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Univ. of Miami Sch. of Med., 1983
N.B. Endorsement

CONSENT ORDER OF TEMPORARY SUSPENSION filed July 21, 2003. This matter was opened to the Board upon receipt of information that Dr. LaFon was criminally charged with two charges of criminal sexual conduct in the 4th degree and one charge of lewdness stemming from his professional treatment of a patient. Although Dr. LaFon denied the charges and admitted no wrongdoing, the Board ordered that Dr. LaFon's license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the criminal charges and further order of the Board. The Order was entered without prejudice to the further investigation and prosecution of the matter by the Attorney General. EFFECTIVE DATE: JULY 21, 2003.

LEE, John Kihlnyoung, M.D. License MA026906
519 Bloomfield Ave., Ste. L-22
Caldwell, NJ 07006-5542
Yonsei Univ. Medical College, 1967

CONSENT ORDER OF REPRIMAND filed October 23, 2002. Matter opened to Board upon receipt of information from the Enforcement Bureau of the Division of Consumer Affairs which revealed that Dr. Lee engaged in questionable prescribing practices of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) to patients NB &GP. Dr. Lee, represented by Michael J. Schoppmann, Esq., appeared before the Preliminary Evaluation Committee of the Board on 10/25/00. According to Dr. Lee's testimony, he treated patient NB from 8/12/91 to 6/2/99 & treated GP 10/16/82 to 3/16/99. Thereafter, Dr. Lee refused to answer questions relying on the protection against self-incrimination afforded by the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Board found Dr. Lee indiscriminately prescribed CDS to patients NB & GP & his medical care to patients NB & GP was inadequate. Dr. Lee's actions as described constitute violations of N.J.S.A. 45:1-21 (c), (d) & (e). Dr. Lee being desirous of resolving this matter without further formal proceedings & the Board finding the within Order adequately protective of the public health, safety & welfare, & for good cause having been shown it was ordered & agreed that Dr. Lee is hereby reprimanded for the indiscriminate prescribing of CDS & the inadequate medical care to patients NB & GP. Dr. Lee was assessed civil penalties in the amount of $7,500 and investigative costs in the amount of $4,844.10. Dr. Lee, within the next six months following entry of this Order, must take and successfully complete a CDS course and a medical record keeping course approved in advance by the Board. Successful completion means that all sessions were attended, all assignments were properly and appropriately completed, and a passing grade was achieved which was unconditional and without reservations. EFFECTIVE: October 14, 2002.

LEHMAN, Frederick, M.D. License MA043304
307 Route 70, Suite 1A
Lakehurst, NJ 08753
Far Eastern Univ., 1981

ORDER VACATING RESTRICTIONS AND RESTORATION OF UNRESTRICTED LICENSURE filed July 29, 2003. This matter was before the Board for consideration of the implementation of certain remedial measures required by the Board in its Order filed November 25, 2002. Upon review of all the materials submitted, the Board found that Dr. Lehman promptly addressed any issues of concern raised by the Board and that he has conscientiously completed all the required remedial measures, in addition to other measures he voluntarily undertook. The Board ordered that the period of stayed suspension imposed by the November 25, 2002 Order was fully satisfied. Dr. Lehman was granted an unrestricted, plenary license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: July 29, 2003.

LOFTUS, James B., M.D.,
License MA053247
8 West 78th Street
Harvey Cedars, NJ 08002-5912
State University of New York, 1985
National Board Endorsement

MODIFIED CONSENT ORDER OF RESTRICTED LICENSURE filed May 29, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon a petition of Dr. Loftus to grant him a further modification of the Modified Consent Order of Reinstatement of Licensure dated May 20, 2002. On January 22, 2003, Dr. Loftus appeared before a Committee of the Board to request that his therapy with Dr. Makarevich be discontinued, that his urine screens be reduced to twice monthly and that his face to face follow up visits be at the direction of the Executive Medical Director of the Physicians Health Program (the "PHP"). The PHP provided a position statement that formally endorsed the modifications sought by Dr. Loftus. During the hearing, Dr. Loftus testified that he has been completely compliant with the requirements of the prior Board Orders and the PHP. Additionally, Dr. Makarevich, the licensed psychologist and addiction specialist with whom Dr. Loftus has sought counseling, provided the Committee with a letter in which he stated that Dr. Loftus has an excellent prognosis and in which he recommended that Dr. Loftus be permitted to cease his aftercare commitment as of January 31, 2003. The Board having considered Dr. Loftus' testimony and the recommendations of the PHP, and all other relevant documentation, ordered that Dr. Loftus is to maintain absolute abstinence from alcohol and all psychoactive substances. He shall submit to random urine monitoring under the supervision of the PHP on a random, unannounced twice monthly basis with any positive results immediately reported to the Board. He may only be employed as an independent contractor in a Board approved facility under the supervision of Judah Schorr, M.D. Dr. Loftus must also continue to attend support groups, including NA/AA, the frequency of no less than four times per week. Moreover, he must participate in and attend face to face meetings with the PHP at the direction of the Executive Medical Director of the Program, who shall continue to submit quarterly reports to the Board. Upon information of Dr. Loftus' failure to comply with any terms of this Order, the Attorney General may apply for an emergent hearing before the Board to determine whether there was a violation of the Order. EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 29, 2003.

License MA041882
9 @ Dolson Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940-6423
Ghandhi Medical College, 1971
FLEX Examination

FINAL DECISION AND ORDER OF REVOCATION filed July 16, 2003. This matter was before the Board via the receipt and review of a Recommended Decision and Order of a Committee of the Board dated May 23, 2003. In addition to the Recommended Decision and Order, the full Board also considered the transcript of hearing, testimony, arguments of counsel and the written submissions of Dr. Naseeruddin and the Attorney General. This matter initially was opened to the Board upon receipt of information that Dr. Naseeruddin agreed to surrender his license in the State of New York upon the filing of allegations of twenty five specifications of professional misconduct. In the New York action, Dr. Naseeruddin did not contest seventeen specifications of professional misconduct that alleged that he performed unchaperoned physical examinations of eight female patients, touched them and spoke to them in an overtly sexual manner and that he inappropriately touched and made sexually oriented statements to a female co-worker. Based on his failure to contest the charges and his agreement to surrender his New York license, a Provisional Order of Discipline was filed. Dr. Naseeruddin responded to the Provisional Order. The Board considered his response, as well as the Attorney General's reply, and voted to finalize the Provisional Order. Counsel for Dr. Naseeruddin then requested that the Board issue an Order limiting his practice of medicine to a federal facility. The State opposed that application. Dr. Naseeruddin then requested a mitigation hearing. The Board granted that request and Dr. Naseeruddin agreed to have the matter heard by a Committee of the Board. The Committee considered the matter, including all the testimony and materials submitted, as well as arguments advanced regarding mitigation of penalty. The Committee's report and recommendation were submitted to the Board. Having considered the matter, the Board, similar to the Committee, was concerned that Dr. Naseeruddin had engaged in acts that violate the most basic boundaries of the physician/patient relationship on numerous occasions over several years. Additionally, the Board's review of the transcript of the hearing regarding mitigating circumstances demonstrated to the Board that Dr. Naseeruddin did not appreciate the gravity of his acts. Because this matter involved the use by Dr. Naseeruddin of his role as a physician to engage in repeated predatory behavior, the Board was not convinced as to whether he will ever be ready to re-enter the practice of medicine. Therefore, it modified that section of the Committee's recommendation and removed any references to any guidelines regarding any application for reinstatement or credit for any time period during which he has been out of practice. The Board ordered Dr. Naseeruddin's license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be revoked. He also was ordered to pay costs, including attorneys fees, court reporter fees and transcript fees. The Board will determine the amount of costs based on the submissions of the parties. EFFECTIVE DATE: JULY 8, 2003.

PADNANI, Koshi A., M.D.
License MA043837
49-15 94th Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Bombay Univ., India, 1979

ORDER GRANTING UNRESTRICTED LICENSE filed March 28, 2003. This matter was presented to the Board on a petition by Dr. Padnani, seeking to demonstrate that she had satisfied the conditions for reinstatement imposed by a Final Order of Discipline of the Board filed on or about May 8, 1996. Dr. Padnani provided adequate documentation supporting the fact that her continuing medical education credits were current. Based on all the information submitted, the Board was satisfied that Dr. Padnani demonstrated that she holds an unrestricted license in New York, that she is fit to practice, and that she has been actively practicing in New York since February 27, 1995. The Board ordered that the indefinite stayed suspension imposed by its Final Order of Discipline dated May 8, 1996 be terminated and that Dr. Padnani's license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be restored to an unrestricted license. EFFECTIVE DATE: MARCH 28, 2003.

PATEL, Anilkumar Raojibhai, M.D.
License MA029874
230 South Tamiami Trail
Suite 2
Venice, FL 34285
Makerere Univ., Africa, 1970
NY Flex. End.

CONSENT ORDER OF REPRIMAND filed June 3, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon receipt of information from the New York State Board which disclosed that on or about September 18, 2002, Dr. Patel entered into a Consent Agreement and Order based upon his conviction in Florida wherein he was found guilty of driving under the influence. He was sentenced to fifty hours of community service, required to attend DUI School, six months suspension of his driver's license and required to pay $574.25 for fines and costs. This action provided a basis for disciplinary action in New Jersey. In order to resolve the matter without recourse to any further proceedings, Dr. Patel agreed to this public order of reprimand. EFFECTIVE DATE: JUNE 3, 2003.

ROSENBERG, Paul H., M.D., License MA058683
1567 Palisade Ave., 3rd. Fl.
Fort Lee, NJ 07024-6923
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, 1986
National Board Endorsement

ORDER OF UNRESTRICTED LICENSE filed July 11, 2003. This matter was reopened before the Board upon receipt of a petition from Dr. Rosenberg seeking an unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey. By way of background, Dr. Rosenberg voluntarily surrendered his license pursuant to a Consent Order filed on August 28, 2000 based upon a relapse of substance abuse, specifically he relapsed into the use of Dilaudid. Since that original order, various orders were entered with various restrictions. On April 23, 2003, Dr. Rosenberg again appeared with Dr. Baxter of PHP before a Committee of the Board and demonstrated that he has successfully complied with the terms of all the Board's Orders. He has demonstrated long term sobriety and the ability to safely practice medicine. Further, Dr. Baxter submitted a position paper and testified that Dr. Rosenberg has demonstrated a commitment to continuous recovery. Therefore, the Board approved Dr. Rosenberg's petition for an unrestricted license. EFFECTIVE DATE: JUNE 24, 2003

SHERMAN, Henry Miles, M.D. License MA028642
141 S. Harrison Street
West Orange, NJ 07018
Univ. N. Dakota Sch. of Med., 1971

ORDER DENYING REINSTATEMENT OF LICENSURE filed June 5, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon the petition of Dr. Sherman for the reinstatement of his license in the State of New Jersey, which had been revoked effective June 7, 1996. The Board's prior Order was based on Dr. Sherman's conviction, by way of a guilty plea, to five counts of federal mail fraud. The plea transcript further reveals that he pled to fraud that was valued between $70,000 and $120,000. The Board's records also show that Dr. Sherman continued to knowingly practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey even after his license was revoked in June 1996. In support of his petition, Dr. Sherman submitted various documents and testified before a Committee of the Board. During his testimony, he informed the Committee that he had been under house arrest for about a year between 1996 and 1997. Additionally, he was incarcerated at Allenwood Prison, PA from September 1997 through August 1999. Throughout his incarceration, he participated in various prison programs, including the Drug Assistance Program and he gave many lectures to prisoners on various medical topics. Further, Dr. Sherman demonstrated that he satisfied the requirement to pay the costs as imposed by the Board's Order, as well as all fines and penalties relating to the underlying action. As part of his rehabilitation, he volunteered at the Second Baptist Church at the soup kitchen. Moreover, he has lectured high school students on various topics, such as depression, HIV, and the dangers of drugs. He has completed a ProBE program by the Ethics Group, submitted to psychological evaluations and therapy. Finally, during his appearance, he testified that he was remorseful and contrite regarding his criminal behavior. The Board considered all the information presented and considered it in the context of the heinous nature and seriousness of Dr. Sherman's actions which led to the revocation of his license. After weighing all the factors, the Board determined that Dr. Sherman's rehabilitation is insufficient to overcome the fact that his crime adversely impacted on the medical profession. The Board ordered that Dr. Sherman's petition for reinstatement of his New Jersey license to practice medicine and surgery be denied. EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 29, 2003.

SCHVEY, Malcolm H., M.D. License MA022503
903 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021-0338
Univ. of Amsterdam, 1956
Nat@l Exam

CONSENT ORDER OF VOLUNTARY SURRENDER filed July 16, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon receipt of information that in January 2003, the New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct (the "New York Board") filed a statement of charges alleging that he was negligent in his practice of medicine and was practicing impaired. Specifically, it was alleged that he inappropriately prescribed and/or dispensed controlled dangerous substances to a patient and for himself on repeated occasions and that he practiced medicine while impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical disability or mental disability. He voluntarily signed a Consent Agreement with the New York Board and agreed that he would be precluded from patient contact and any practice of medicine, clinical or otherwise. The New York disciplinary action provided a basis for discipline in New Jersey and the Board issued a Provisional Order of Discipline. Dr. Schvey wished to resolve this matter without further proceedings and voluntarily surrendered, with prejudice, precluding him from seeking reinstatement of his license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: JULY 16, 2003.

SINGHVI, Kailash, M.D.
License MA038059
36 Melby Lane
Roslyn, NY 11576
Univ. of Rajasthan, India, 1977

CONSENT ORDER OF VOLUNTARY SURRENDER, DEEMED A REVOCATION filed July 14, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon receipt of information that Dr. Singhvi had surrendered his license to practice medicine in the State of New York. A Surrender Order was entered in New York on December 3, 2002 based on allegations that from in or about 1984 to in or about 2000, Dr. Singhvi participated in a conspiracy whereby he knowingly paid and directed others to pay kickbacks to various physician co-conspirators in return for the referral of Medicare patients to him in order to secure Medicaid payments. It was also alleged that he knowingly conspired with others, submitted false and fraudulent for reimbursement by Medicare and private insurance. Having reviewed the entire record, including correspondence from doctor's counsel, the Board determined that grounds existed to take disciplinary action. The parties, however, desired to resolve the matter without recourse to formal proceedings. The Board ordered that Dr. Singhvi's license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be voluntarily surrendered. The voluntary surrender was deemed a revocation. Dr. Singhvi is not permitted to submit an application for reinstatement for a period of three years from the date of this Order. The Board, however, made no representations regarding the potential results of any application for reinstatement. EFFECTIVE DATE: JULY 14, 2003.

SLAWSKY, Allan H., D.O.
License MB043908
South Jersey OB/Gyn Associates, LLC
2301 Evesham Rd., Suite #504
Voorhees, NJ 08043-4506
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1979
National Exam

INTERIM CONSENT ORDER filed May 15, 2003. Matter opened to Board upon receipt of information that a Criminal Complaint had been filed in the United States District Court, District of New Jersey, charging Dr. Slawsky with possession of child pornography obtained through the Internet on or about September 11, 1999. As a condition for bail, the Honorable Joel B. Rosen, United States Magistrate Judge, issued a restriction barring Dr. Slawsky from examining or treating any patients under the age of 18 and further barring Dr. Slawsky from being in the presence of minors without adult supervision. The Board has preliminarily determined that Dr. Slawsky should not examine or treat any patient under the age of 18 unless and until he is relieved of the restrictions imposed by Judge Rosen barring same. The Board further determined that Dr. Slawsky should be chaperoned while rendering medical services to any patient pending the disposition of the criminal proceeding. The Board finding that this resolution is adequately protective of the public health, safety and welfare, and it appearing that good cause exists for the entry of the within Order, it was ordered and agreed that Dr. Slawsky shall not examine or treat any patient under the age of 18 unless and until he is relieved of the restrictions imposed by Judge Rosen barring same. Dr. Slawsky shall have a chaperone present whenever he examines or treats any patient pending the disposition of the criminal proceeding. Upon entry of the within Order, Dr. Slawsky shall retain at his own expense a licensed professional who will serve as his chaperone. Dr. Slawsky shall propose the name of this individual to the Board in advance for the Board's approval. Such chaperone shall indicate her presence by initialing the patient chart for each examination. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed an admission of liability on the part of Dr. Slawsky. Nothing contained herein shall restrict or limit the Attorney General from further investigation and prosecution of this matter. It is understood that by entry of this Order, the parties herein do not waive any right to apply for any additional relief provided for by law. EFFECTIVE DATE: May 15, 2003

TAN, Jaime L., M.D.
License MA034055
540 South Wood Ave.
Linden, NJ 07036
Manila Central Univ., Philippines, 1969

ORDER FILED AUGUST 6, 2003 and EFFECTIVE July 31, 2003, EXTENDING TERMS OF INTERIM CONSENT ORDER FILED JUNE 30, 3003. All terms and conditions set forth in the Interim Consent Order filed June 30, 2003 shall continue until further Order of the Board. Dr. Tan shall continue to cease and desist from engaging in any medical practice and shall continue to close his medical office located at 540 South Wood Avenue, Linden, New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: July 31, 2003.


William V. Roeder
Executive Director

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